Organizing Chairman

Dr_DayanandI am glad to announce that the Department of Pathology, Bangalore Medical College & Research, is hosting an International Conference on Male Genitourinary Pathology on July 11th & 12th 2015. The intention of this program is to gain the knowledge in the field of Male genitourinary pathology. I am proud that our institution has taken a step ahead in rekindling the thirst for good quality overview in this specialty. We invite all delegates to obtain an unparalleled proficiency from the elite group. The conference is a two day feast of knowledge. I hope this conference will benefit the students and faculty .

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Siddque

Dr Siddique M Ahmed

I take immense pleasure to invite one and all to International Conference on Male Genitourinary Pathology hosted by the Department of Pathology , Bangalore Medical College & Research. It is imperative that the postgraduates, young budding pathologists, attain all the information from the basics to the recent advances, in the terrain of male genitourinary pathology. Eminent speakers have been  invited to provide and share their knowledge and experience in this arena . I hope all delegates will utilize this opportunity at its fullest.

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  • Objectives


This conference highlights the less discussed, but commonly encountered  lesions which form the major bulk of pathology work in our day to day practice. We  aspire to discuss the various lesions of male genitourinary system comprising of kidney, urinary bladder, prostate and testis. This conference aims to update with the recent advances in this field to the delegates. This  conference aims to boost the knowledge of  students and faculty of pathology in this field.

Meeting Goals/Purpose

The conference is designed to provide an insight on handling radical cystectomies, radical prostatectomies and radical nephrectomy specimens. alongside with significance of IHC in prostate tumor diagnosis,  to an assemblage of budding post graduate students, pathologists and all health care providers involved in diagnostic and treatment modalities…

The International conference  is designed to bring in Internationally renowned experts to provide knowledge about the pursuance of genitourinary pathology.

This is a two days program, its curriculum includes handling the specimen types , recent advances in genitourinary pathology  and slide seminar on the same followed by oral paper and poster presentations for the ever enthusiastic delegates. This conference intends to create a harmonious environment to meet and socialize, with exchange of information.

I am proud to be the part of the conference on Male Genitourinary Pathology and our institution has taken a step ahead to relight the most important aspect of pathology  with our eminent speakers.We invite all the delegates for this fete to gain knowledge.



Organizing Chairman