Organizing Chairman

Organizing Chairman

Dr A R Raghupathi

I am glad to announce that the Department of Pathology, Bangalore Medical College & Research, is hosting a workshop on Adult autopsy.The intention of this program is to experience the often repeated mantra of “the dead teaching the living”. The topic has been chosen to provide due attention to autopsy technique ,which in course of time has been loosing  its charm. I am proud that our institution has taken a step ahead in rekindling the thirst for good quality autopsy practice . We invite all delegates to obtain an unparalleled proficiency from the elite group. The workshop includes a practical demonstration of dissection of the individual organs. I hope this workshop will benefit the students and faculty .

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Siddque

Dr Siddique M Ahmed

I take immense pleasure to invite one and all to the workshop on Adult autopsy, hosted by the Department of Pathology , Bangalore Medical College & Research.Autopsy is an epilogue to diagnosis. Autopsies thus form a  quality assurance, clinical audit, for a hospital. Practice of autopsy provides us an insight into the probable cause of death . It is imperative that the postgraduates, young budding pathologists, attain all the information from the basics to the recent advances, in the terrain of adult autopsy and its technique. Eminent speaker has been  invited to provide and share his knowledge and experience in the arena . I hope all delegates will utilize this opportunity at its fullest.

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  • Objectives

Clinical autopsies serve two major purposes.

They are performed to gain more insight into pathological processes and determine what factors contributed to a patient’s death.

Autopsies are also performed to ensure the standard of care at hospitals.

Autopsies can yield insight into how patient deaths can be prevented in the future.


Autopsy workshop is a live illustration of dissection of various body organs and will be of immense benefit for both the students and faculty of medical health.

Meeting Goals/Purpose

The Autopsy workshop is designed to provide an au courant  information on prevalence, purpose and types of autopsy,  to an audience of budding post graduate students, pathologists and all health care providers involved in diagnostic and treatment modalities

The autopsy workshop is designed to bring in Internationally renowned expert to provide knowledge about the pursuance of autopsy technique.

This is a day’s program, its curriculum includes dissection of various body organs , followed by an overview of autopsy practices across the globe to culminate with autopsy scenario in adult deaths and discussion panels with Q & A session and a harmonious environment to meet and socialize, with exchange of information.

Those who have dissected or inspected many [bodies] have at least learnt to doubt; while others who are ignorant of anatomy and do not take the trouble to attend it are in no doubt at all. These are the words quoted by Giovanni Battista Morgagni , an Italian anatomist and pathologist.
I am proud to be the part of the workshop on Adult Autopsy and our institution has taken a step ahead to relight the art of autopsy with our eminent speaker.We invite all the delegates for this fete to gain knowledge.



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