About Us

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI)

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) established in the year 1955 is located on K.R.Road near the city market in Bangalore, run by the Government of Karnataka. Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute and its attached hospitals Victoria Hospital, Vani Vilas Women and Children’s Hospital, Minto ophthalmic Hospital and Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital have a total land area of 115.3 acres and the bed strength is around 2992. We have super specialty seats in M.Ch Urology, M.Ch Plastic Surgery, DM Neurology, M.Ch Surgical Gastroenterology and M.Ch Paediatric surgery.

The organizing committee includes

Patron -In-Chief Dr. Devadass P.K,  Dean & Director BMCRI, Bengaluru

Patron – Dr Raghupathi A R

Organizing Chairman: Dr Dayanand .S. Biligi
Organizing Secretary: Dr Siddiq M Ahmed
Organizing Treasurer: Dr M. Natarajan

Scientific Committee:

  • Dr. Siddiq M Ahmed
  • Dr. Sreelakshmi K
  • Dr. Nirmala C
  • Dr. Shulbha V Sejekan
  • Dr. Ramya B.S
  • Dr. Smitha R.
  • Dr. Soumya Prasad
  • Dr. Sujaya
  • Dr. Bindu
  • Dr. Swara

Registration Committee:

  • Dr. Asha Latha .N
  • Dr. Sujatha Metan
  • Dr. Veena Kumari
  • Dr. Shayesta Jahan
  • Dr Deepti
  • Dr. Priyanka
  • Dr. Harshita
  • Dr. Rekha
  • Dr. Shubha

Communication Committee:

  • Dr. Nirmala C
  • Dr. Lakshmi B Mallappa
  • Dr. Shulbha V Sejekan
  • Dr. Mangal V Kulkarni
  • Dr. Sulakshana M S
  • Dr. Prashanti

Transportation  Committee:

  • Dr. Siddiq Ahmed
  • Dr. Raj Mohammad
  • Dr. Rehan Baig
  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar
  • Dr. Narasimha Murthy

Souvenir Committee:

  • Dr. Latha .B
  • Dr. Ashwini B R
  • Dr. Divya Rani
  • Dr. Akanksha
  • Dr. Ganesh

Catering  Committee:

  • Dr. Natarajan M
  • Dr. Lakshmi S
  • Dr. Arpita
  • Dr.Subhashini